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10 Million Litres Delivered in 2018 & 2019
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5 million_mrwaterdelivery_nonpotablewater_waterdelivery
Only water delivery company approved by National Spa and Pool Institute of South Africa
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At Mr Water Delivery, we specialize in pool water delivery. We deliver clean non-potable water to fill your pool. Our pool water filling service span across Cape Town & The Western Cape.


Do you have jojo tanks that need filling? Do you need water for your plants, ponds or other home usage? Mr Water Delivery can provide non potable bulk water delivery for all your basic home needs.


Mr Water Delivery offers bulk water tanker delivery rental services. Whether its for long term or short term projects. Email Mr Water Delivery to get a quote on your preferred water tanker rental.

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Water Delivery Western Cape-bulk waste water delivery cape town


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Mr Water Delivery offers affordable, safe and convenient storage water bladders and Jojo tanks that can be used to store non-potable water. This is ideal for storing pool water during pool renovations. Now you can save money and precious water easily.

Water Delivery Western Cape


Water Delivery Western Cape


Water Delivery Western Cape



Water trucks and water browsers are available for hire on a daily or monthly contract. All trucks or water browsers are rented on availability. Please request renting days prior to the day the truck is needed.

5000L Tuck
10000L Truck
12000L Truck
20000L Truck
40000L Truck


Mr Water Delivery is a proud sponsor to organizations that are actively making a change in the community. We sponsor educational and active based organizations. We understand that our communities are a big part of building our environment, and keeping them healthy and sustainable is building a stronger nation.

Water Delivery Western Cape

SOS Save Our Schools

Save our Schools (SOS) mission is to actively improve sanitation, hygiene and health in schools by providing sustainable water solutions and job opportunities through collaboration and partnerships.


Water Delivery Western Cape

African Brothers

It is our vision for African Brothers Football Academy (ABFA) to become one of the largest self-sustaining football centres in Southern Africa. ABFA aims to assist with uplifting and improving school facilities and what we have achieved at the Gardens Commercial High School grounds (our current premises) to date, lives up to this vision.



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Water Delivery Western Cape
Water Delivery Western Cape

About Mr Water Delivery

Mr Water Delivery offers a wide range of services in transporting non-potable water, swimming pool water, and drinking water from our water source to your home, garage forecourt, factory & hotels. Mr Water Delivery offers options for water sources for your preferred usage including the highest quality SANS 241 drinking water. Water restrictions have changed the way we use our municipal water. The ‘unlimited’ has become limited and triggered the requirement for alternative water sources. Our non-potable water is ethically sourced and delivered on a daily basis to your residential property or business. We have both large or small trucks that are fitted with water tanks, pumps, flow meters and flexible hoses that enable us to reach your water tanks, swimming pools, vessels or other water reservoirs.


Our core business includes Pool Water Delivery, Non Potable Water, Bulk Water Delivery, Pool Water Filling / Pool Water Top Ups and Jojo tank water for all household uses. We also offer services such as rental of Jojo tanks, pool emptying and water bladders to store water either on site or off site. We work with all the leading pool builders and renovators and are recommended by the pool builders in Cape Town. We supply to film companies, builders and car washes.

Non Potable Water Source

Our services have included washing paving floors to creating rain for film companies. Staff are trained to the highest standard and are familiar with dealing with domestic customers who demand respect and flexible service. We provide a guaranteed service with a back office that will schedule your delivery and ensure we meet your expectations on time and budget. To order water, we request that you contact us via telephone, via our website or email us with your water requirements. We will gladly assist you to calculate your water requirement. Upon receiving your order or approval of the quote, we will email you your invoice. We also offer monthly account services to regular clients. We try and always offer the cheapest water options without cutting corners. We never supply borehole water that often contains iron, we pride ourselves on transparency and building long-standing client relationships.

Our bulk water is sourced from the Desalination plant (SANS 241) and certified aquifers that have low iron content and approved as E-Coli free. We supply residential customers with water to fill or top up their swimming pools or tanks that are used to supplement municipal water for household or outside use. We deliver to corporate customers for a range of applications that include daily water use, adhoc projects or industry-specific seasonal requirements, helping the Western Cape to save precious municipal reserves. All clients receive a FULL ANALYSIS of the water being delivered to them. We offer a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Drinking Water

We also supply drinking water standards from the desalination plant and can advise on water storage systems at your house to ensure the water stays fresh and suitable for drinking. Many clients have their own RO or filtration systems. Mr Water Delivery offers same day delivery (Emergency call Out) and all our trucks have over 60m of pipes on board to date we have delivered over 10m litres of water to all areas of Cape Town and surrounds, including Atlantic seaboard, Northern and Southern Suburbs and the Cape Peninsula. Our strong pumps allow for long distance and uphill to a maximum of 6 stories or 25m height.

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