Bulk Water


Bulk water is the supply of water on a higher level. Large amounts of non potable water is transported in water tankers to their designated location where needed. Bulk water supply is a major supply of water for needs such film sets, construction sites, and irrigation purposes to name a few. Many people use this amount of water to fill their swimming pools. Bulk water supplies help with easing the issue of water scarcity in a country because this is an alternative source of water which is not necessarily drinking water.

Bulk Water can also be in the form of drinking water delivered in tankers to offices, factories and residential homes.

Bulk water supplies are used for both everyday and emergency situations and include applications related to potable and non-potable water delivery systems and subsystems such as transmission and distribution pipelines, ship and aircraft transport, and water
tankers/ wagons. Adequate water quality must be maintained in the bulk water filling, storage, transportation and distribution system/process so that safe water can be delivered
to users.